We are committed to sharing the words and photography of any woman in our beautiful community who chooses to submit. Hallaren Online showcases the wide ranging talent we receive in our inbox in creative, engaging mediums. 

Bri Brackett - Photography

Bri Brackett is a DIY enthusiast, avid adventurer and enjoying every bit of this human experience. You can find her chasing after her 2 boys, snapping photos, making home videos, RVing, helping her (Air Force) hubby with house projects and cheering on her friends!

Kristy Bell - Photography

Kristy Bell is a Navy retiree and current Department of the Army civilian who lives and works in south Georgia. Her writing and photography feature a wide variety of subjects but frequently explore humans' connection with the natural world. She has work forthcoming in Snake Nation Press Review.

Her moving story, "The Loropetalum", will be featured in Hallaren's print magazine, March 2023. 

Jillian Mackinder - Essay & Photography

Jillian Mackinder is a military brat turned spouse.  She married her husband who serves in the USAF when he entered service 14 years ago.  They have enjoyed 6 stations together and are thankful for the many friends and AF family they have met along the way.  

Jillian grew up moving quite frequently  and is thankful for the experiences, opportunities, and exposure to people in all walks of life that being the daughter of a USAF AD member provided her.  Her passion for photography started when she and her husband were stationed at Lajes AB, Azores and she felt a desire to take the island with her when she left, and she has felt a strong connection with capturing memories every since.  Jillian is the mother of two boys, 7 and 4, who keep her busy and give her lots of writing material for both subjects. 

Kristin Hurtig - Poetry

Kristin Hurtig served in the Illinois Army National Guard for 12 years. Deployed once. She enlisted when she was 32 right before September 11 2001. She has been writing all her life, a way of release and to share any inspiration with others. She has published a few poetry books. She is a chef, working on operating a food truck.